My Life


I was born in Edmonton, AB with a mind for business, no day is too long and no deal is too big. I thrive in the chase to develop something worthwhile and I play the game to win. I have always been an underachiever in the academic realm but still prefer to be the overachiever in the real world of business. I have been involved in over $100,000,000.00 worth of business transactions and my story has only begun.


School was not my strength, the mundane make work projects to keep the students occupied and engaged was simply not my thing. I often thought who needs this torture; I preferred to excel in dreaming big and dreaming often. Life is always about the big dream and thoughts of a better tomorrow. Choosing a path of Faith, Hope and Charity was something I missed early, but I get it now. I make every day an education; I try and learn something new every day, good or bad. Loving life simply makes the hope of tomorrow become an exciting adventure waiting to arrive.


I have always been a business man, starting my 1st money making venture when I was only 14 years of age. Yes, it was a paper route and I learned nothing, other than the fact the kid who delivers the newspapers, get paid the least. After I got released from the penal school system I embarked on few jobs trying to pay the bills. Even though I worked for the man, but only temporarily, I was always onto the next big deal and ready for the challenge that awaited me.

That challenge for me was Tri-Corp Canada Business Group Inc., located in Edmonton, AB I was the President/CEO for this juggernaut for many years and it was my passion. I embarked on many business ventures during my time with the company and remain very proud of my success. I diversified the company into real estate, construction, publications, retail and marketing. Unfortunately, in 2009, a very minor group of unhappy people decided the fun was over and my beautiful company got dragged into the muck. It was only recently, that Tri-Corp Canada was reborn and I am back in the Captains chair, how cool is that! Check out and watch us build it bigger, better, faster and stronger than ever before!

My Achievements

My Latest Work

What have you done for me lately? Those words will always haunt me because it is how we measure each other and sometimes the dream never quite matches the goal. I love the game and share my passion with all who care, and if you have made it this far, you care, you really do!

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My Skills


I have always wanted my life to be known for helping others and unfortunately, sometimes, I have fallen short of that expectation. Having lived through the anarchy of a never ending business dispute, I have seen how money can corrupt the minds and actions of good people. I have seen firsthand how the greedy can cause anguish to those in need by demanding more, when no more is available to give. In short, I have become the protector of those who need support when all hope is lost. If that is you, how can I help?


I am a financial recovery guru and have learned through the school of hard knocks. I have been kicked when I was down only to survive by standing up stronger and more determined to make everything right. I have learned in a business dispute, that all sides can win equally and that is the strength of what I can bring to your table. Unfortunately, I do not decide who gets the washer and dryer in a divorce, my specialty is business and only business. The only question remains, how can I apply my skills to help your business survive the slings and arrows, really, that’s it, how can I help?

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I was born with a mind for business, no day is too long and no deal is too big. I thrive in the chase to develop something worthwhile and I play the game to win. Contact me today to discuss my world of business, financial recovery and life advice.